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Available Recording Services


Would you appreciate exceptionally nuanced and completely organic cello for your track? I can remotely record cello exactly as you desire within the Protools ecosystem for your project on Neumann, Coles, DPA, and custom Michael Joly microphones for maximum fidelity and low noise.


Would you like help bringing string ensemble or section orchestral sound to your project? I have years of experience bringing orchestral ideas to life through arrangement. Output includes sheet music for recording and live performance, MIDI tracks for sample libraries, and sample stems. Compositions are created in Sibelius, within the Avid ecosystem.


Could you use help bridging the gap between pop music recording and classically trained players? It can be difficult to achieve the best recording results without true fluency in both of those worlds. Allow me to help by successfully translating an artist's ideas into the language used by orchestral performers.


Tyler Chester

Grammy Winning Producer

Tyler Chester Music

Dr David Campbell is an incredible and very quick string arranger, and an impeccable recording cellist. Rarely do you find pocket and intonation in one package with these things. Even more rare is someone with the creativity to come up with their own killer parts. 10/10 would recommend.


Questions about how I can help you in your recording project? Get in touch to learn more.

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