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Are you seeking a cellist for a live event or special occasion? For nearly 20 years, I have been performing in venues intimate and grand the world over. Whether as a solo feature, or as a complement to an ensemble, I can help you to craft an unforgettable performance.

Unforgettable Performance

Dave Cello Perform with Brill Australia.jpg
Dave Cello Perform with Brill Australia.jpg


Conservatory trained and crossover seasoned, utilize a performer with a mastery of both idioms. As at home performing J.S. Bach as improvising from lead sheets alongside a rock trio or DJ, I can step onto stage in any genre or style. Have me be the perfect support, or featured showcase.


Steeped in classical tradition, and drawing on years of solo, chamber, string quartet, and orchestral experience. Renowned for having a unique signature interpretive sound and lyrical delivery. Every note has meaning. Allow me to bring a refined classical elegance to any event or occasion.

Dave all black with Violist.jpg


Madison Cunningham

Grammy Award Winning Artist

I've had the ultimate pleasure of working with David Campbell on multiple occasions now, and in the heat of it he never loses his cool. He's a masterful composer, arranger, and leader - and he elevates any situation he walks in to. He is the first person I would call for anything!

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