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Dr David J Campbell

Offering premier cello instruction, performance, recording & production

What I can offer to you:

Are you seeking lessons in cello? It can be a challenge to find a high quality teacher who is skillful and inspiring! Location, a busy schedule, or even restrictions from the COVID-19  pandemic make it even harder. Learn more!

Are you seeking a cellist for a live event or special occasion? Finding the right, talented professional can make the difference between great and extraordinary. Create your perfect performance. Learn more!

Are you working on creating your masterpiece? Would your music reach new heights with authentic and organic cello arrangement, string sections, or full orchestrations? Get that now. Learn more!

About the Artist


Introducing Doctor David J Campbell, DMA, MM, BM Hon.

A professional cellist born in Toronto, Canada, arrived in New York City, by way of Austin, Texas.

Nearly 20 years of professional experience, traveling the globe to perform, teach, and record music - from New York to Tokyo, London to Shanghai, Sydney to Santiago.

Honed his craft with a Masters and Doctorate in Music, specializing in Performance and Pedagogy.

Selected Videos

J.S. Bach - Allemande from the G major Suite

Holding On by The Brilliance

Life According to Raechel by Madison Cunningham

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