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  • Are you currently taking students in your online teaching studio?
    Yes - contact me to inquire on start dates and trial lessons!
  • Do you perform at private events or weddings?
    Where schedule allows, I'm happy to perform at any type of event! Please contact me to see how this could work.
  • Are you available to travel for a performance or recording contract?
    The short answer is yes - we can work out travel as part of any performance or recording contract!
  • Do you teach workshops or work with groups?
    Yes - I have experience teaching, coaching, and running masterclasses in both classical and pop music styles! Please reach out to ask how I can tailor something to your needs!
  • My church would like to hire you to work with our worship band? Do you do this?
    Yes - I've worked with worship bands before and would be happy to do so again!
  • How long have you been teaching cello?
    I have been teaching cello for nearly 20 years! I have chosen to maintain my teaching throughout my performing and recording career. Please feel free to contact me about my teaching!
  • Do you have a privacy policy?
    I do! Right here.
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