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Lessons & Coaching

Instruction and coaching with an award winning cellist and teacher


Allow me to offer you a tried and tested approach to instruction on the cello - whether you are an advanced performer or a complete beginner. I have taught a wide range of pupils, from first lessons for aspiring musicians, to rigorous audition preparation for All-State competition and college entrance examinations.

Step 1

Meet for an assessment of level, goals, and desired outcome

Step 2

Let me craft a personalized student curriculum - targeted to your unique aspirations and needs


Step 3

Begin the journey of cello instruction as a member of my cello studio!


"Finding the right teacher can make learning music one of the most powerfully memorable and rewarding experiences.


Finding the wrong teacher - or struggling with none at all - can sap the joy from that journey. That journey can even end before it begins. Don't allow this to happen!"

What I Can Offer

I confidently believe in the quality and effectiveness of what I offer. I am pleased to provide elite level instruction to my pupils. That said: I want you to have the best possible  experience. Either in my studio, or at minimum by helping you to find the right teacher for you.

I want you to find the best possible cello instruction for you. Full stop. If that is my studio - great! And if it isn't the right fit, I will happily help you to find the right teacher for you.

What do I need for online lessons?



Get your cello! Need help finding a quality instrument? Not a problem - I can connect you with excellent retailers and luthiers.



Do you have a computer and/or tablet with a webcam and mic? That's it! I use high quality studio equipment to deliver excellent HD sound and video to you!



Do you have a stable internet connection? Most broadband WiFi works well. That last ingredient is free video call software!


Jessica B


David taught my daughter cello for 6 years and was instrumental in making music into her most beloved passion! He brought expertise and energy to lessons, taught my daughter how to excel at the instrument, and to love making music. We are so grateful for all he gave! We highly recommend him!

Have questions?

Really. Ask me anything!

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